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Some useful scripts


  • Description: Auto install L2TP VPN for CentOS6+/Debian7+/Ubuntu12+
  • Intro: https://teddysun.com/448.html ```bash Usage: l2tp [-l,--list|-a,--add|-d,--del|-m,--mod|-h,--help]
Bash Command Description
l2tp -l,--list List all users
l2tp -a,--add Add a user
l2tp -d,--del Delete a user
l2tp -m,--mod Modify a user password
l2tp -h,--help Print this help information


- Description: Auto install latest kernel for TCP BBR
- Intro: https://teddysun.com/489.html


- Description: Auto install KMS Server
- Intro: https://teddysun.com/530.html


- Description: Auto test download & I/O speed script
- Intro: https://teddysun.com/444.html

| No.      | Bash Command                    |
| 1        | wget -qO- bench.sh | bash       |
| 2        | curl -Lso- bench.sh | bash      |
| 3        | wget -qO- 86.re/bench.sh | bash |
| 4        | curl -so- 86.re/bench.sh | bash |


  • You must modify the config before run it
  • Backup MySQL/MariaDB/Percona datebases, files and directories
  • Backup file is encrypted with AES256-cbc with SHA1 message-digest (option)
  • Auto transfer backup file to Google Drive (need install gdrive command) (option)
  • Auto transfer backup file to FTP server (option)
  • Auto delete Google Drive’s or FTP server’s remote file (option)
  • Intro: https://teddysun.com/469.html
Install gdrive command step:

For x86_64: 
wget -O /usr/bin/gdrive http://dl.lamp.sh/files/gdrive-linux-x64
chmod +x /usr/bin/gdrive

For i386: 
wget -O /usr/bin/gdrive http://dl.lamp.sh/files/gdrive-linux-386
chmod +x /usr/bin/gdrive



pptp.sh(Deprecated, DO NOT USE)

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